Matthews Civil provide a range of consultant engineering services that minimise the risks and saves unnecessary additional expenditure.

  • Project and contract management
  • Quality, health and safety audits
  • Advice on consent processes
  • Advice on financial planning and monthly claims
  • Drainage investigation and solutions
  • Property development
  • Advise on profitability management and cost control systems
  • Design of carparks and driveways

We offer a free consultation to ensure our clients can plan their project with confidence.

We are always available for confidential discussions on your needs and proposals without obligation.

We offer assistance with submission and approvals.

We will provide advice on the information required for:

  • Planning consents for subdivisions
  • Consents for various state highway activities
  • The resource consent process (not the content)

If you are an independent contractor, you want to make sure that you receive all payments you are entitled to.

We can work with you on:

  • Provision of contract claims for work-in-progress
  • Payments as per contract rates
  • Ensuring variations are identified and approved for payment

We can work with you on bids for car parks, driveways and subdivisions, eg:

  • Compiling basic design requirements
  • Quantity calculations
  • Compiling cost analysis for schedule rates
  • Ensuring the contractor is aware and claims for all financial payments under the conditions of contract

We will:

  • Conduct road network hazard identification, mitigation, and make remediation recommendations
  • Carry out contract audits to ensure compliance with standards or codes of practise such Transit's Code of Practise for Temporary Traffic Management
  • Carry out traffic management audits
  • Make network safety recommendations

We will also provide advice and support with:

  • Safe work practises
  • Writing of health and safety policies
  • Reduce the risk of asset deterioration
  • Reduce the risk of contract breach
  • Ensure minimum standards are included in contract specifications

A quality audit will ensure quality control systems are established and managed according to the relevant contract.